Diplomatic Health publishes peer-reviewed journal articles and technical reports, including co-authorship of diplomatic, monitoring & evaluation, and other sections of academic manuscripts, policy positions, and other reports, as well as providing authorship services to governments, corporations, and other entities interested in investing in international health and development programs to further international relations, institutional, or diplomatic goals.

Sole First Author Publications

  • Kevany S (2015). Diplomatic advantages and threats in global health program selection, design, delivery and implementation: development and application of the Kevany Riposte. Global Health. [read]
  • Kevany S (2014). Global health diplomacy, ‘Smart Power’, and the New World Order. Global Public Health. [read]

First Author Publications

  • Kevany S, Gildea A, Garae C, Moa S, Lautusi A (2015). Global health diplomacy, national integration, and regional development through the monitoring and evaluation of HIV/ AIDS programs in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Samoa. Int J Health Policy Manag. [read]
  • Kevany S, Jaf P, Workneh N, Abu Dalo M, Tabena M, Rashid S & Al Hilfii T (2014). Global health diplomacy in Iraq: international relations outcomes of multilateral tuberculosis programmes. Medicine,Conflict and Survival [read]
  • Kevany S, Sahak O, Workneh N & Saeedzai A (2014). Global health diplomacy investments in Afghanistan: adaptations and outcomes of Global Fund malaria programs. Medicine, Conflict and Survival. [read]
  • Kevany S, Fleischer T, & Benatar S (2013). Improving resource allocation decisions for health and HIV programmes in South Africa: bioethical, cost-effectiveness and health diplomacy considerations. Global Public Health. [read]
  • Kevany S, Woelk G, Shade S, Kulich M, Turan J, Chingono A, & Morin S (2013). Risk factors for physical domestic violence in a high-prevalence HIV setting: findings from Project Accept baseline data (HPTN-043). Journal of Public Health in Africa. [read]
  • Kevany S, Hatfield A, Workneh N, Aurang Zeb Durrani B, Bekele Y, Khan U, White K & Myrick R (2012). Diplomatic and operational adaptations to global health programs in post-conflict settings: contributions of monitoring and evaluation systems to ‘nation-building’ in South Sudan. Medicine, Conflict and Survival July-September. [read]
  • Kevany S, Khumalo-Sakutukwa G, Murima O, Chingono A, Modiba P, Gray G, Van Rooyen H, Mrumbi K, Mbwambo J, Kawichai S, Chariyalertsak S, Chariyalertsak C, Paradza E, Mulawa M, Curran K, Fritz K & Morin S (2012). Health diplomacy and adapting global health interventions to local needs in sub-Saharan Africa and Thailand: evaluating findings from Project Accept. BMC Public Health 12: [read]
  • Kevany S, Murima O, Singh B, Hlubinka B, Kulich M, Morin S, & Sweat M (2012). Socio-economic status and health care utilization in rural Zimbabwe: Findings from Project Accept (HPTN 043). Journal of Public Health in Africa [read]
  • Kevany S, Meintjes G, Rebe K, Maartens G, & Cleary S (2010). Clinical and financial burdens of secondary level care in a public sector antiretroviral roll-out setting (G. F. Jooste Hospital). South African Medical Journal [read]

First Author Editorials and Commentaries

  • Kevany S (2014). Global Health Diplomacy: A ‘Deus ex Machina’ for International Development and Relations. International Journal of Health Policy and Management [read]
  • Kevany S (2014). International Access and Global Health Diplomacy in Sudan. The Lancet Global Health. [read]
  • Kevany S (2014). Global Health Diplomacy: A Reflection of San Francisco Values. [read]
  • Fleischer T, Kevany S, & Benatar S (2010). Will escalating spending on HIV treatment displace funding for other diseases? South African Medical Journal [read]

Second or Other Author Publications

  • Joseph G, Nguyen K, Nguyen T, Stewart S, Davis S, Kevany S, Marquez T, & Pasick R (2014). Efficient Identification of Low-Income Asian American Women at High Risk for Hepatitis B. Journal of Health Care for the Poor & Underserved. [read]
  • Shade S, Kevany S, Onono M, Ochieng G, Steinfeld R, Grossman D, Newmann S, Blat C, Bukusi E, Cohen C (2013). Cost, cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of integrated family planning and HIV services. AIDS. 2013 Oct; 27 Suppl 1 [read]
  • Marseille E, Kevany S, Ahmed I, Feleke G, Graham B, Heller T, Kahn J, Reyes M (2011). Case management to improve adherence for HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in Ethiopia: a micro-costing study. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation. 2011; [read]
  • Kelly A, Kevany S, Teljeur C (2000). The Rationale for Poverty-Profiling. Poverty Today [read]
  • Matthews A & Kevany S (1999). A Century of Irish Milk Prices. Irish Farmer’s Journal. Book Chapters

Book Chapters

  • Novotny T & Kevany S (2012). The Way Forward in Global Health Diplomacy: Definitions, Research, and Training. Book chapter in: 21st Century Health Diplomacy. [read]

Study Team Publications

  • Coates T, Kulich M, Celentano D, Zelaya C, Chariyalertsak S, Chingono A, Gray G, Mbwambo J, Morin S, Richter L, Sweat M, Van Rooyen H, McGrath N, Fiamma A, Laeyendecker O, Piwowar-Manning E, Szekeres G, Donnell D, Eshleman S, & the NIMH Project Accept (HPTN 043) study team (2014). Effect of community-based voluntary counselling and testing on HIV incidence and social and behavioural outcomes (NIMH Project Accept; HPTN 043): a cluster-randomised trial. The Lancet Global Health [read]
  • Maman S, Van Rooyen H, Stankard P, Chingono A, Muravha T, Ntogwisangu J, Phakathi Z, Srirak N, F Morin S, & the NIMH Project Accept (HPTN 043) study team (2014). NIMH Project Accept (HPTN 043): results from in-depth interviews with a longitudinal cohort of community members. [read]
  • Sweat M, Morin S, Celentano D, Mulawa M, Singh B, Mbwambo J, Kawichai S, Chingono A, Khumalo-Sakutukwa G, Gray G, Richter L, Kulich M, Sadowski A, Coates T; & the Project Accept Study Team (2011). Community-based intervention to increase HIV testing and case detection in people aged 16-32 years in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Thailand (NIMH Project Accept, HPTN 043): a randomised study. The Lancet Infectious Diseases [read]
  • Kawichai S, Celentano D, Srithanaviboonchai K, Wichajarn M, Pancharoen K, Chariyalertsak C, Visrutaratana S, Khumalo-Sakutukwa G, Sweat M, Chariyalertsak S, & the Project Accept Study Team (2010). NIMH Project Accept (HPTN 043) HIV/AIDS Community Mobilization (CM) to Promote Mobile HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing (MVCT) in Rural Communities in Northern Thailand: Modifications by Experience. AIDS & Behaviour [read]
  • Genberg B, Kulich M, Kawichai S, Modiba P, Chingono A, Kilonzo G, Richter L, Pettifor A, Sweat M, Celentano D, and the NIMH Project Accept Study Team (HPTN 043) (2008). HIV risk behaviors in sub-Saharan Africa and Northern Thailand: baseline behavioral data from Project Accept. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome [read]
  • Khumalo-Sakutukwa G, Morin S, Fritz K, Charlebois E, Van Rooyen H, Chingono A, Modiba P, Mrumbi K, Visrutaratna S, Singh B, Sweat M, Celentano D, Coates T, & the NIMH Project Accept Study Team (2008). Project Accept (HPTN 043): A Community-Based Intervention to Reduce HIV Incidence in Populations at Risk for HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa and Thailand. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome [read]

Working Papers

  • Kevany S & Gorgens M (2010). HIV Programme Efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa: What do we know, what do we still need to learn, and how can we be more successful? Background Paper prepared for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Technical Conference on “Sustaining HIV and AIDS Responses in the Context of Shrinking Resources in the SADC Region” by the World Bank Group: August 25–26, 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa. [read]
  • Beck E, Souteyrand Y, Kevany S (2006). Working group report on the WHO/TDR Generic Tools Workshop. [read]
  • Kevany S (2005). An Economic Evaluation of the Impact of Widespread Antiretroviral Treatment on Secondary Hospitals in South Africa: Case Study of the GF Jooste Hospital Antiretroviral Referral Unit. Health Systems Trust. [read]
  • Kelly A, Kevany S, Teljeur C (2002). Local Poverty Profiling: A Guidebook for Local Authorities. Combat Poverty Agency. [read]